Help, I am v sick


Help, I am v sick :(

Hello, friendos, welcome to the Thunderdome that is my asshole physical form. Many of you might know me from such struggles as “oh god, why is my uterus trying to kill me?” and “wow, mental health, could you be more of a cunt?”

Little did you (or I) know, life is full of chronic illness plot twists!

This year’s sudden appearance from stage-right is months-long consistent headaches/migraines.
This fun new form of chronic pain presented in February of this year, not long after I had COVID. We’re not sure if the two are related, yet, as my doctors are ruling all other possibilities out first.

Which is why I’m making this post.

Being sick is real, REAL expensive. It’s a long shitty story but I’ve basically run out of effective pain management options which means I can’t work as a consistent content writer anymore. This is just in time for me to be referred to a neurologist whose initial consult is a coooooool $400AUD.

I’m in the process of securing some work I can actually do and/or skulking back to Centrelink, but in the meantime, I need some help.

That’s where y’all come in (if you’re in the position to do so, of course).

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

1. Commission art from me

I do pet portraits, people portraits, or pretty much anything else that can be vectorised. More info here.

2. Buy an art print

My shop is a little sparse at the moment but I have a few physical and digital prints up for sale.

If you’re keen on any of my other work and want to buy a print let me know and I’ll upload it as a product for you to purchase. Instagram’s probably the most comprehensive library of my current pieces.

3. Buy my stories

I am on Amazon here.

But because a) they’re the devil and b) I don’t know what their payout schedule is, if you’d like one of my shorts as an eBook just chuck me an email and I’ll sort you out a copy for $2AUD.

If you want to try before you buy, all my shorts are up for free here.

4. Take extra special pity on my poor sick ass and just donate to me

Real talk. I HATE accepting help from people, monetarily or not. But a lot of you have badgered me into offering this as an option so HERE YOU GO, YOU BASTARDS.

If you’d just like to sling me some cash you can do so via either Pay ID (if you’re in Australia, obviously) or PayPal. Both are hooked up to my email address:

If you’ve read this far in, thank you. If you could give this a like or even a share that would really help me battle the social media algorithm and reach more people.

Thanks, all ❤