How emusing (digital print)



You don’t know real terror until you’ve had one of these bobble-headed monstrosities careen in front of your car in the ass end of the Aussie outback. They’re like flightless kamikaze pilots with mashed potato for brains.

The only thing worse is NOT being in a car and having one book it after you like you personally kicked its puppy.

Dinosaurs live on, motherfuckers, and they’re swerving into traffic in Australia.

What is a digital print?

A digital print is a downloadable PNG file that you’re then able to print out yourself either at home or at a printer of your choice. This print is for personal use only. No onselling or commercial use of this print is allowed. By purchasing this print you agree to these terms.

How big is the print?

This PNG file is 5000x5000px which means you’ll be able to print it up to approximately 420mm squared.

Any other questions?

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